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Maki Rolls (8 pieces) / Hand Rolls

Sometimes you may also find seafood and squid on the menu. Enjoying Japanese and Korean barbecue with tabehoudai.


Photo by Johanna Forsberg Korean barbecue. Similar to yakiniku , but often focuses more on pork and also serve typical Korean dishes such as bibimbap, kimchi and lettuce leaves for wrapping the meat. Korean barbeque tabehoudai in Shin-Okubu, Tokyo. Photo by Johanna Forsberg Shabu-shabu.

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This Japanese hotpot is centered around very thinly sliced meat, usually beef and pork. Since there is a variety of broths and dipping sauces to choose from, you can cater it somewhat to your own taste. Aside from various cuts of meat, an all-you-can-eat menu will usually include vegetables, tofu, noodles and other yummy things to go in the pot, as well as salads, rice dishes and desserts.

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Tabehoudai shabu-shabu at Shabu-yo. They have restaurants in Tokyo as well as other parts of Japan. They also have menus in English! Restaurants up and down the country do a tabehoudai version of this, so you can experiment with any number of ingredients — these range from meat, seafood, and vegetables, to fruits, cheese, and mochi! Tabehoudai sign outside an okonomiyaki restaurant in Harajuku, Tokyo photo taken from TripAdvisor. All ready for the hotplate!

All You Can Eat

From okonomiyaki chain restaurant Dotonbori photo taken from taiken. All-you-can-eat KFC?! To their credit, this KFC, located in the Expocity Mall north of Osaka, also offers all-you-can-eat salad, as well as non-deep-fried-chicken dishes like pasta and dessert.

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Given the deliciousness of Japanese KFC curly wedges, though, I have yet to work up the courage to make it past the entrance A paradise for the sweet teeth among us. Enough with the protein. Bring on the sugar! At any one time, dozens of types of desserts adorn their counter, all daintily portioned to maximise the number you can cover in one sitting.

A handful of pasta dishes and soups are also on offer, in case you need to cleanse your palate, and for a couple hundred yen more you gain access to the dazzling cabinet of Haagen Daz ice cream. Yes, I hear you say, but these are boring.

Chicken Teriyaki Chicken Teriyaki. Tuna Pizza Tuna Pizza 2pcs. Salmon Pizza Salmon Pizza 2pcs. Sashimi Max 30pcs for supper, 20pcs for lunch per person. Egg Tamago Egg Tamago. Salmon Salmon 1pc. Mackerel saba Mackerel saba 1pc. Egg Tamago Egg Tamago 1pc. Snapper Tai Snapper Tai 1pc.

Oil Fish Oil Fish 1pc. Tuna Tuna 1pc.

Oil Fish Oil Fish. Crabmeat Kani Crabmeat Kani.

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Salmon Rose Salmon Rose. Spicy Tuna Spicy Tuna. Mackerel Saba Mackerel Saba. Shrimp Ebi Shrimp Ebi. Spicy Salmon Spicy Salmon. Snapper Tai Snapper Tai. Tuna Tuna. Chop Chop Chop Chop. Tofu Inari Tofu Inari.

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Salmon Sake Salmon Sake. Sara B , customer.

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    All U Can Eat All U Can Eat
    All U Can Eat All U Can Eat
    All U Can Eat All U Can Eat
    All U Can Eat All U Can Eat
    All U Can Eat All U Can Eat
    All U Can Eat All U Can Eat
    All U Can Eat All U Can Eat

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