Dead to Rights (Joanna Brady Mysteries)

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Paperback Editions AVON (1995) ISBN 0-380-76546-2

Was it the obvious, or not? From Amazon In the beginning of the book, Hal Morgan and his wife of 10 years are celebrating a wonderful 10th wedding anniversary. But it all comes to a very tragic end when Bucky Buckwalter, the veterinary doctor in Bisbee Arizona, kills Hal's wife in a hit and run after he is stone drunk that night. All Bucky receives as a punishment is a hefty fine and a few days in jail.

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Hal Morgan wants to strike back, so he is targeting Dr. Buckwalter's vet practice for ways to get him back. There is a fire set one day at the clinic, and when Joanna Brady discovers this, she knows there are several injured, and finds right away almost that Bucky is dead. Knowing that Hal had been hanging out there, right away he becomes a suspect in this murder.

But he is not the only one under suspicion. Terry Buckwalter, Bucky's wife seems all too happy that Bucky is dead. Joanna slowly uncovers the whole picture that Bucky was very unhappy in his marriage and having an affair with Bebe Noonan, who is actually pregnant with his child at the time of his death. With this information she has her doubts that Hal Morgan was the actual killer on the scene, but there are other things she has yet to uncover. The chase is on toward the end of the book, and if Joanna and her other senior cops on the team don't act quickly, the real killer may escape town.

But there is so much superfluous dialogue it becomes boring.

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A previous reviewer stated his least favorite chapter was I agree. Unfortunately Chapter 20 is where the book's climax takes place. Unneeded fluff. The book falls flat on it's face in it's ability to tie the story together well at the end. Possibly Jance was so distracted by other dialogue. Dead to Rights will put you out in short time.

Dead is Exciting! Jance has created another winner with this series. So when the driver is found almost a year to the day later, baked to a crisp in his smoldering barn, all fingers point to still-grieving widower Hal. As she trails the truth from a ghostly mining camp to the rocky spires of the Chiricahua National Monument, gut instinct quickly evolves into the will to survive when Joanna finds herself not only upholding the law but, instead, battling for her own life.

Because now a killer is turning his sights on her.

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Dead to Rights J. I enjoyed this book because Joanna is one of my favorite female sleuths, but I would have liked more zing to the character's personality and to the plot. The main characters are mostly likable and the story is a relaxing, easy read; however, the story is a bit slow moving and unexciting in several places. If you prefer murder mysteries without lots of graphic violence, and a story free of sexual innuendos and profanity, then this just might be the book for you.

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Try the whole series Hal Morgan is a former cop, and he and his wife are celebrating their 19th wedding anniversary. While crossing the street, after an out-on-the-town dinner, a car with a drunk driver behind the wheel careens around a corner, over a curb and heads for the happy couple. Long story short. Hal is unhurt; however, his wife is killed. The driver, a Bisbee veterinarian, by the name of Bucky Buckwalter, is essentially given a slap on the wrist and some community service time for the misdeed.

Hal thinks Bucky deserved more severe punishment for the murder by vehicle. Hal would like to see Bucky dead. Later Bucky is found dead in a burning building behind his vet clinic. His death is ruled murder. Hal was demonstrating in front of the clinic earlier in the day. The two had words and Joanna observed the demeanor exhibited.

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Of course Hal becomes the number 1 suspect, and things become a bit convoluted for Hal. But did Hal murder Bucky or did someone else do the deed? Bucky did not seem to have a bubbling personality that made people like him as a person, but he was a good vet. There are also some sheriff department staffing problems, and as opinions differ and everyone is overworked, tempers flare. There is another murder, a suicide, an overloaded van with illegal aliens and more deaths that need the attention of both Joanna and her fatigued staff.

Dead to Rights (Joanna Brady Mysteries) Dead to Rights (Joanna Brady Mysteries)
Dead to Rights (Joanna Brady Mysteries) Dead to Rights (Joanna Brady Mysteries)
Dead to Rights (Joanna Brady Mysteries) Dead to Rights (Joanna Brady Mysteries)
Dead to Rights (Joanna Brady Mysteries) Dead to Rights (Joanna Brady Mysteries)
Dead to Rights (Joanna Brady Mysteries) Dead to Rights (Joanna Brady Mysteries)
Dead to Rights (Joanna Brady Mysteries) Dead to Rights (Joanna Brady Mysteries)
Dead to Rights (Joanna Brady Mysteries) Dead to Rights (Joanna Brady Mysteries)
Dead to Rights (Joanna Brady Mysteries) Dead to Rights (Joanna Brady Mysteries)
Dead to Rights (Joanna Brady Mysteries)

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