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1. Tribal Bat Design:

The Flowers and the bat in black ink represents the hate and love at the same time. Neo Traditional Bat Tattoo Design. We are obsessed with this neo traditional bat tattoo design. You will too! Terrifying Bat Tattoo Design. Enough of the positive meanings. Get this terrifying bat tattoo for the Halloween and be the scariest! Wait for the good luck to arrive in your life, after getting this tattoo. See all posts by Hans.

All content, such as illustrations, photos, resources and tutorials are copyright to their respective owners. Bat Tattoo Meanings: Hovering and flying in the dark, bats are the creatures of nightmares that symbolize quite a umber of meanings. So, for your inspiration, we have gathered some best bat tattoo ideas. Check them out below! Looking for something cute yet meaningful?

This tattoo is for you! Beautifully Outlined Bat Tattoo. Water colored outline makes his tattoo perfect. Rise from the Darkness Bat Tattoo Design. This Batman series inspired tattoo is my favorite. Hyper- realism. This hyper-realism bat tattoo is associated with Lucifer itself. Do you agree? Bat Portrait. To truly define the symbolism of bats, you can get this tattoo inked on your body. Upside Down Bat Tattoo. This upside down bat tattoo is great to get.

Water colored Bat tattoo Design. This vibrant colored bat tattoo is worth giving a shot. The Horde of Bats Tattoo. This tattoo is great for all the girls.

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The Batman Bat. Fan of batman series? This tattoo is for you. Tiny Bat Wrist Tattoo.

2. Cheshire Cat with Purple Bat Tattoo:

This tiny little cute bat tattoo is giving me serious tattoo goals. The Diana.

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In ancient Greek mythology, bats are associated with the virgin goddess Diana. Batman Emblem. Another batman emblem to show your craze for the series. Flying Bat in the Night. Get this tattoo on the back of your neck to truly depict the evilness. Hanging Bat tattoo.

Another hanging bat tattoo for the arrival of luck. Vertical Bat Tattoo. Sign of Luck and happiness! The Sexy Placement. Are you too finding this tattoo sensual? Gorgeous Bat Tattoo.


This gorgeous bat tattoo is for all the gorgeous ladies out there. The Sign of Rebirth. Looking for a Halloween tattoo? Get this scary tattoo and scare them all!

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Batman Fanatic. Any batman fanatic left out there? The Dark Knight. We have got all the batman fans covered with another Dark Knight tattoo.

Colorful Bat Thigh Tattoo. I love the placement of this tattoo and its vibrant colors. Cutie Bat Tattoo. Looking for something cute? This tattoo will make the best choice. The Lined Tattoo. This lined tattoo depicts the bat chasing a butterfly. Lovely New School Bat. Another tattoo showing the nature of bats living on fruits. Some people choose them for their symbolism while others choose them for their uniqueness and mysterious nature. No matter why you choose the bat tattoos for your body, in the end these tattoos represents what you want them to.

Relaxing Bat Tattoo Design. As a matter of fact, bats are very calm creatures that want to relax all the time after getting their meals. Black Inked Bat tattoo Design. Darkness and black color is the bat thing and that is the reason these bat tattoos are inked mostly in black color. Webbed Wings Bat. If you are looking for some small tattoo with a unique placement, this webbed wing tattoo is a great option. Fierce Bat Tattoo Idea.

The Bat Tattoo

As mentioned, bats are mostly feared and if you also wants to be feared, get this tattoo inked. Printed Bat Tattoo for Her. Girly girls want something meaningful yet girly and that tattoo is a great inspiration for them. Colorful Flying Bat Tattoo Design. This tattoo seems to be the work of a child, yet gives serious tattoo goals. This half sleeve bat tattoo idea is truly the best thing that you can get, if you are looking to cover your arm with something attractive and meaningful. Cartoon-ish Bat Tattoo Design.

For many, bats are far from evil and dead and they adore bats for their cuteness. If you are one of them, this cute bat tattoo is for you. Angry Bat Tattoo on Neck. The bat is a symbol of birth and depth. It is a creature that lives in the belly of earth. Contemporary Bat Tattoo.

About The Bat Tattoo

When bat tattoos are placed in sensual places, they symbolizes sex and fertility. Baby Bat Arm Tattoo. This cute little baby bat is great if you are looking for some little coverage. The Evil and the Good. Bat tattoos symbolizes both positive and negative meanings. This tattoo is the true depiction. Little Bat Behind the Ear Tattoo.

The Bat Tattoo The Bat Tattoo
The Bat Tattoo The Bat Tattoo
The Bat Tattoo The Bat Tattoo
The Bat Tattoo The Bat Tattoo
The Bat Tattoo The Bat Tattoo

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